Asterism near NGC 7044

A possible (?) new asterism near NGC 7044 in Cygnus:

The group consists of 14 stars mag. 8-11, and looks like a cartoonish whale. Three stars is SAO stars: SAO 50598, SAO 50602 and SAO 50614. Position is 21h 14.5m, +42d 52.5′ and size is 7′ x 20′.

Below is some screen dumps (made with C2A), and a link to an image at SkyFactory:


Asterism marked

Asterism Near NGC 7044 - 2

Animated GIF

Asterism Near NGC 7044 - 3

Asterism without marks

In this interactive image from SkyFactory the asterism is visible below and to the right of the middle.

To the best of my knowledge, this asterism has not been mentioned before.

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